Thank You, Stephentown!


What an amazing weekend we had!

So many people came up to us and shared their favorite stories and memories, not only from this past weekend, but also growing up in Stephentown and returning for these events, which made them feel an incredible sense of pride in this beautiful little town.

Being part of the dedication ceremony and opening night reception with all those people is something we will never forget!

Of course, lots of people from other towns came out to join us and we very much appreciated hearing their stories as well.

We have so many people to thank for helping to make this such a successful inaugural venture, particularly the many presenters and participants who helped organize their own events and shared what they do best with their community.

In addition to our sponsors, we are also incredibly grateful for the contributions and support of Larry Eckhardt, Gerry Robinson, Bill Jennings, Stephanie Wagar, Aldie Goodermote, Tracy Grant, Tammy Madden, Tom Quimby, Anita Henry, Kim McMann, Doug La Roque, Alex Brooks, Patti Wright, Nettie Hammond, and our Moms, who pitched in when we needed them most.

Finally, thanks to everyone in the media who helped us spread the word, including Sharon Smullen, Joseph Phelan and WNYT NewsChannel 13.

Thanks again for letting us show the world how much we appreciate the only Stephentown on Earth!