A New Online Calendar For Stephentown Events


After a successful first year and lots of suggestions for improvements to be made in the future, it’s clear the full potential of Celebrate Stephentown has yet to be realized. 

To this end, plans are moving ahead to continue developing this valuable platform for promoting our town, its organizations and its businesses.

The first step is to tentatively schedule next year’s festival for the same weekend, August 17-19, 2018. Meetings for the planning of those events will begin in January and all input is welcome.

Next, beginning in November, we will start using Celebrate Stephentown’s established online presence, both its website and its social media accounts, to promote events happening all around town throughout the year.

We’ve earned people’s attention and it makes sense to continue putting this visibility to productive use.

If your organization or business is interested in having its events listed in this new online calendar, please send all the relevant details, as well as any related promotional photos, to scott@celebratestephentown.com as you would to Eastwick Press and other similar outlets.