Our Planning Meetings Have Begun

Thanks again to everyone who attended our first planning meeting of the year for Celebrate Stephentown 2018 at Town Hall on Tuesday, January 23rd.

We accomplished a lot, including setting the official dates for August 17th through 19th, establishing the organizational structure for this year, reviewing the feedback we received from last year's participants, discussing this year's proposed budget and participant fees, brainstorming about new ideas and sources of revenue, and even adding a few events to the tentative schedule.

It was great to return to this process and still feel so much enthusiasm from our successes last year, as well as the desire to continue to make changes so this can be an even better and more sustainable annual event for years to come.

Our next planning meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 27th at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall.

All local businesses and organizations are encouraged to participate in this year's festival and to join in the planning process at future meetings. We're also looking for artists, artisans, performers, etc. looking for a venue to participate, as well as sponsors to help us make all these events happen.