A new annual tradition begins

The inaugural Celebrate Stephentown in 2017 was an effort to bring everyone together to celebrate all the things that make our beautiful rural community so special. In just its first year, the schedule featured 35 family friendly events at more than 20 different locations all over town, showcasing the work of artisans, artists, businesses, farmers, musicians, service organizations, and more.

Thanks to media coverage in The Advertiser, Berkshire Eagle, Eastwick Press, Troy Record, and WNYT NewsChannel 13, as well as print and online ads in a variety of other regional publications, the festival drew people from all over the area.

Visitors and residents alike enjoyed demonstrations, dinners, exhibitions, giveaways, hikes, open houses, performances, sales, talks, and tastings, as well as a 5K rail trail race, a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament and an opening night reception welcoming back some famously lost signs.

In what is quickly becoming a new and community-defining annual tradition, Celebrate Stephentown 2018 will build on this previous success with new ideas, different events, wider participation and an extra year of experience under its belt. We invite you to join us as we show the rest of the world what we love about living in the only Stephentown on Earth.

Check out this year's presenters and sponsors and full event schedule


Discover Hidden Treasures

“Celebrate Stephentown provided an opportunity for people to discover hidden treasures within their town.”

— J.C.

Fun & Interesting Events

“Celebrate Stephentown is a great experience for all involved. It really showcases all that Stephentown has to offer, while providing fun & interesting events where all the town's friendly folk can meet and share their appreciation of the area.”

— D.R.

Old Time Community Spirit

“Come to celebrate Stephentown and experience that old time community spirit where no one is a stranger and everyone is a neighbor.”

— P.R.